39. International Bicycle Touring Week

20 - 27 April 2019

Spectacular tours with tastings of local delicacies

This event with its unique character was created many years ago and much has been invested through the years. What it makes it different from many other events is the attention and the effort that the city dedicates to the lovers of bicycle tourism at Eastern. In Gabicce Mare bicycles are treated as jewels and cyclists are VIP-guests!

This is the secret behind the long-lasting success of this bicycle touring week, for which participants from Italy and abroad gather in Gabicce Mare in order to enjoy together the Easter holidays.

The event offers discovery tours along 7 beautiful routes through the marvelous countryside of the Romagna and the Marches, where adventurers on bike can admire castles, fortified dwellings in distant valleys, history, art and culture and the extraordinary cuisine!

Rich buffets get prepared at each stage: with roasted porchetta, bread, piadina, delicious cold cuts, homemade sweets, red and white wine.

Each morning the group of cyclists starts all together and after the break with refreshments, it returns to Gabicce Mare for lunch.

The tours cover different distances from 50 to 100 km (roundtrip) featuring various degrees of difficulty, but thanks to the excellent technical assistance of SCOTT everyone can master them. Maximum speed is 25 km/h.

The International Bicycle Touring Week by the Sea is the only one of its kind in Italy, as it includes a Road Police escort, since the first edition. Traditionally it guarantees a joyous, spectacular experience for all participants.

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