Gabicce Mare

The beach slopes gently down into a sparkling emerald sea. The sea's depths are ideal for scuba diving and the water quality has recently been upgraded by purifying plants. Other local gems are the enchanting yacht harbour at Vallugola and the ancient Roman port of Valbruna, which shimmers in transparent underwater beauty. Gabicce Mare offers nature-lovers walks in unspoiled hills steeped in the perfume of broom bushes.

An accessible road winds up to Gabicce Monte, where the ruins of Ligabito's feudal castle and Lanfranco's famous furnaces are surrounded by locally-styled bars, restaurants and shops. The panoramic view from Gabicce Monte is as evocative as the village itself. The road winds on through more beautiful countryside and old villages before it descends towards Pesaro. Other nearby places well worth a visit are Urbino, Gradara, San Leo, San Marino and Monte Gridolfo, all centres of the historical culture of the Montefeltro Marchigiano.

The nightlife in Gabicce Mare has attractions for the young and the young at heart. A good time is to be had by all at renowned night-spots such as Baia Imperiale, and at a vast choice of pubs and restaurants.

Gabicce Mare is the watchword for holidays on the Adriatic. It is on the border between Romagna and the Marche, combining two cultures full of tradition, conviviality and human warmth. Together with its unique setting, this combination has made the town a renowned sea resort, as popular abroad as it is in Italy. Gabicce Mare overlooks a small gulf called the Bay of Angels - a majestic setting with an unmistakable touch of sweetness.