Park San Bartolo

An Undulating Series of Spurs and Depressions Degrading towards the Sea...

Monte San Bartolo Park marks the beginning of the coastal hill system in the Center of Italy which immediately follows the famous tourist beaches of the North Adriatic Sea. It faces the Adriatic Sea with a spectacular cliff and it reaches its maximum altitudes on the hills of San Bartolo, Castellaro, and in the villages of Casteldimezzo and Fiorenzuola di Focara.

It is an extremely important point for the migration of the avifauna and an ideal place for many species of birds which spend the winter here; it is also important from an archaeological and historical point of view, since although it has a limited extension, it is very rich in finds: from the Neolithic finds in the area of Mount Castellaro to the archaeological site of Colombarone along the ancient Via Flaminia, from the lost ports of Greek origins of S. Marina and Vallugola to the charming system of Renaissance villas and gardens.