Our regional and national cuisine is enjoyed by our regular guests because it is simple and easily digested, yet tasty. Our two course lunch menu changes daily. For first course we offer two solid and a broth-based dish and second course always includes a fish, a meat and a cold dish. In the evening we offer two broth-based and a solid first course, followed by a meat, a fish and a cold dish.

During every meal we provide a vast range of mixed salads in a self-service buffet.
To round off the meal, guests can choose from a range of desserts which always includes fresh fruit, ice-cream and sweets made by our chef.


The buffet spread in the garden every morning is designed to meet the preferences of all our guests: fruit juices, fat-free yoghurt, hot pastries, jams, marmalade, honey, toast, hams, traditional and wholemeal bread, etc.
Our Chefs prepare every day delightful dishes for the pleasure of our guests.


Besides the special Buffet on August the 15th, our regular schedule includes a meat and a fish buffet in the dining room every week.